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Honor Thy Mother and Father

"We have been members of Temple Beth El for 23 years. Our children attended the Early Childhood Center and Religious School, our son was a Shofar sounder at High Holy Day services until he went to college, and our daughter was married in the Rabbi Merle E. Singer Sanctuary. We participated in an Israel trip experience with fellow congregants and made Temple Beth El a very important part of our lives. Both of our parents passed away in the early to mid-nineties. Larry’s parent’s spoke often about the merits of cremation. Coming from the metropolitan New York City area, Larry’s father would talk about the older Jewish cemeteries and how they were over populated and cramped together. In-ground burial was not an option for them and they eventually chose cremation. Shelley’s parents were always interested in cremation. They felt the cost factor was less and it was environmentally sound considering the Florida water table and landscape. After Shelley’s parents made their decision to be cremated and inurned at the Mausoleum at Temple Beth El; we began to think about our burial choices. Their decision made our decision much easier. We purchased a niche near Shelley’s parents and will be together for an eternity. Whenever we come to temple it gives us great comfort to walk down to the Mausoleum and “visit.” Our children will be able to visit us just like we visit our parents in a peaceful and serene set-ting close to the temple that has been such an integral part of our lives. We believe in the concept of “ashes to ashes, dust to dust” and it was important to us to honor our parents by carrying on our family tradition of cremation."

~ Shelley and Larry Marcus

Why I Now Own “Real Estate” at Temple

"Although I had often heard about “pre-need planning”, I had always thought it wasn’t anything I needed to worry about. Until one day in November several years ago, our dear friend of 30 years became ill and passed away – all in 10 days. Susan and I travelled the world with this couple, shared all holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. From her death to her funeral, there were 33 hours to make all the arrange-ments. No matter how many college degrees you may have or how easily you planned your child’s Bar Mitzvah, you DO NOT want to test yourself in this situation. Knowing how capable our Temple Beth El staff and clergy are, and knowing that our Mausoleum is the finest option available, I encouraged our friend (from Dade County) to select the Temple Beth El Mausoleum for his departed wife. Fortunately, a 30 year friendship creates a level of trust. Without visiting, he asked me to take care of all the arrangements. You know this story does not have a happy ending, but he – and the hundreds of friends from Dade County that attended – were amazed at our Mausoleum. It’s nice to know that each week when Susan and I come to Temple, either for services or for a meeting, we can walk down the hill and visit our friend. And because we immediately purchased the two crypts next to them, we will spend the rest of eternity together. I now understand “pre-need.”"

~Barry Podolsky