Rabbi Levin:
"I think that the most important thing people can do is think about what they want their loved ones to experience on the worst day of their lives. If you have not made any arrangements they are leaving this incredibly painful, extraordinary emotional state and having to conduct business that is a purchase, and an investment that’s going to last forever, and that’s thousands and thousands of dollars.
And so when you’re able to make your arrangements in advance… then on that day, it’s one phone call and everybody goes home and they spend the day grieving, and laughing and talking, and looking at photo albums as opposed to going home and asking, What funeral director should we use? Where would mom or dad have wanted to be laid to rest? How do I decide what kind of an arrangement I should make? Where are we going to find the money to do this?"

Q: Is the Mausoleum in accordance with Jewish tradition?
Yes. Since Abraham purchased the Cave of Machpelah as a burial place for Sarah, it has been a sacred tradition for Jews to be laid to rest either in or on hallowed ground. This is in accord with the widespread Biblical and post-Biblical custom of burying the dead in niches cut into the walls of a cave (Genesis 23:9), leaving no question that the Mausoleum at Temple Beth El is firmly within Jewish tradition.

Q: Reform Judaism recognizes cremation. Does the Mausoleum at Temple Beth El provide a place for urns?
Yes. The Mausoleum includes sacred niches.

Q: Is it affordable?
The Beth El Mausoleum has many affordable options, and is comparable to other choices in the area. Interest-free financing is available. A Mausoleum Advisor will help to select the best, most affordable option for your needs.

Q: Are family sections available?
Yes. There are many beautiful spaces that can be purchased for use by future generations.

Q: Where can the funeral service be held?
Many options are available, either at Temple Beth El or on the grounds of the Beth El Mausoleum.

Q: Who can assist me with a pre-need plan?
A Beth El Mausoleum Advisor can provide guidance on the role of clergy, choosing an appropriate place for the service, funeral homes, and Jewish traditions and rituals and putting all of your financial arrangements into place.


Contact a Mausoleum Advisor to arrange for a tour.