End of Life Decisions

As we face the end of life, there are many difficult decisions to be made. One thing is certain. It is best to decide what best meets your needs when you are healthy and strong.  Not only will your values be respected, but those close to you will feel gratified knowing that they are honoring your wishes. Pre-planning is also the most economical choice.

To discuss end-of-life decisions and pre-planning for peace of mind, please contact our Mausoleum Advisor or call 561-391-8901.

Private Consultation 

Call 561-391-8901 to discuss your thoughts with a Mausoleum Advisor, and request a FREE copy of A Guide for My Loved Ones. This booklet will help you sort through and catalogue the necessary information, arrangements and documents that your family will need during a lengthy illness or at the time of death.

Social Worker

A member of the Ruth Rales Jewish Family Service team of social workers is available to answer questions or to help your family through this difficult time if you are to be interred at the Beth El Mausoleum.

To get in touch with our Social Worker, to arrange for a private appointment or to attend one of our seminars, please contact our Mausoleum Advisor or call 561-391-8901.