Original, museum-quality artwork and stonework grace the Beth El Mausoleum, adding to the beauty and sanctity of the grounds.

23rd Psalm

This towering installation of brush finished brass letters over sand-carved absolute black granite contains a message that generates peace, renewed hope and faith in God. 


Stained Glass  "Life Cycle - Passing On and Rebirth"

The stained glass windows in the Beth El Mausoleum comprise a series of pieces each representing a different life cycle. This piece depicts rebirth,  a form of redemption according to the prophecy "Every man shall lie under his fig tree and grapevines."


“The Circle of Jewish Values”

The eight panels of this work located on the second floor of the Beth El Mausoleum depict images representing Joy, Love, Freedom, Righteousness, Life, Knowledge, Peace and Tradition.


“Service to God and Torah” and “Service to Community and Israel”

These museum quality mosaics provide contemplative beauty and a connection to our Jewish heritage and adorn the main entry way of the Beth El Mausoleum.

"Service to God and Torah" includes imagery of the mountain amidst fire, smoke and lighting. It is suggested that no only were the "Ten Commandments" given at Mount Sinai, but the entire Torah
"Service to Community and Israel" is symbolized by the Menorah which is the oldest symbol of Jewish community dating back to Biblical days. A similar bronze menorah stands near the Knesset building in Modern Jerusalem. Israel is depicted by the virtual scene of the Old City of Jerusalem and by a modern Israel as depicted by the kibbutz scene below.


Tree of Life 

The hand-painted Tree of Life mural ascends the rear exterior stairs, connecting God and nature to all the earth’s inhabitants.